Anatomica times three!

Hi everyone!

I needed to take some time away from my studio to do some much needed repairs to our very old house. Along the way, I found some old wood lath (used to hold up plaster), which is what I use to make the sides of coffins. What a treasure- I’m so excited to put a bit of my 1884 house into my art (I have put the old nails aside for now to use for future projects.)

So, I took that old lath, and created some dolls to lay inside of 1884 coffins. Two of the dolls are a slightly different version of Anatomica that I have made previously. When I’m creating art, I love layering and twisting, twining, and enveloping. These dolls have a layer of skin made of some really lovely French voile and then a layer of clothing as well. So, they’re in skin, in clothing, and in a coffin. All enveloped and safe. They are about 14.5 inches long.

This is Ingrid, Anatomica.

This is Julia, Anatomica.

And here is Esme, Anatomica. She is more like one of my traditional anatomical dolls. She is about 15 inches long. Her torso is covered in the voile fabric- it’s so thin and transparent, I just love it. She also has some threads twisted and wrapped around her upper torso.

These dolls will all be put in the Morbid Anatomy Museum shop tomorrow, June 25th at approximately 3 pm EST.

I hope you are well and safe and (happily?) reentering the world again. I am very, very slowly taking some steps outside. As long as the sun isn’t too hot.