(and chloe)

I’ve always been taken by birds. I remember watching them when I was a kid, with my Nan. John has always heard me talking to them, (initially confused why I kept calling him Mr Bluejay). My kids’ first birthday cake was covered with crows because we cawed at them endlessly through our apartment’s windows. I’ve been slowly converting our little backyard into a bird sanctuary for the past fifteen years, adding more native trees, bushes and flowers (can a yard have too many trees? apparently~ NOT!). We got chickens ten years ago, and I was able to finally hold baby birds in my hand and be a bird mom. And then a few months ago, mama fox came and surprised me by taking all the hens so that she could feed her sweet babes. We were totally heartbroken. I wasn’t prepared for foxes, they are new to our neighborhood and our coop wasn’t adequately protected, completely, 100% my fault. lesson learned. anyway. With the coop now extra-fortified, new chicks arrived- and I was once again staring into little black eyes, tucking wee ones under my chin, naming, assessing needs… new loves beginning.

What a wordy way of telling you that I’m a little obsessed with birds and have been working on a small collection. These are friends that have been in the works for the past year, but have been in the center of my work table for the last 3 months. They are birds of my imagination. They are different sizes, most hang, but one, little Olivier, stands.

Along with them, surprising me, was an appearance of a young girl who lives with all of them, Olivier’s sister, Chloe.

Chloe has a tiny backpack with a journal in which she sometimes writes, sometimes sketches. Overseeing them all and keeping everyone safe, is Maria Rosa, a giant least owl.

Sylvan is a bit crow like, and has his insides exposed- no-one knows why. Uma is a Marabou Stork, and a kind mother to everyone (yet fierce with any predators who may sneak close). Jonathan is a very wise and inquisitive owl.

And now, after spending the last year working on this new little family, I will be adding them to my shop, and preparing to say goodbye. I will be listing everyone in my Etsy tomorrow at 4 pm, EST.

I hope you are all having a safe and happy end of summer. The crabapples are falling, my garden smells like cider and the first cool days have paid us a visit. I am so happy.

xo jana