March means Pit Brow Lasses!

(and poor villagers who've succumbed to Consumption)

Hello there! Happy Almost Spring! Can you believe? I cannot.

My latest history dalliance has been reading about the history of the Pit Brow Lasses, who worked above the coal pits in the mid 1800s to early 1900s. They sorted, hauled and flung. They were a pretty amazing lot, and very notorious because they wore trousers under their petticoats. Folks came from all around to gawk and buy postcards with their photographs. It’s a long, interesting story and I won’t go into all of the details here, but I became a little obsessed and needed to make some of my very own.

These girls are about 10 inches high and are fairly pose-able. They can stand and sit with support. I needed them to look dirty- but alas, with no coal dust at hand, I used paint and coffee to stain their frocks. They are full of Pluck and Sass.

Also, whilst rummaging around in my brain, I ran across some poor souls who died of consumption.

Here are a wee family.

The father, Theodore looks particularly bereft. I think he was the last to go. The coffin that they rest in was made of salvaged wood and is about 10 inches high.

And here is Bettina.

Bettina’s coffin is 8 inches high. Poor Bettina with her bare feet and ragged dress with it’s patchwork pocket. She comes out of her coffin, and she fits nicely in your hand. Which makes it easier to kiss her noggin.

I thought perhaps all of the death had been cleaned out of my brain, but alas. I have a feeling there is more to be discovered behind my amygdala. It’s probably time that had a good dusting.


Tomorrow! Thursday March 4th at 12 pm EST these lovelies will be put in my shop.

I hope you all have a really lovely sleep and wake up to just the right amount of sun tomorrow. I don’t really need sun, so you can have my bit.

xo jana