November means Anatomical Experiments

Welcome to November.

Morbid Anatomy should be listing my latest collection of Anatomica on Sunday November 8th at 10 am EST.

Included in this collection will be a few things I’ve never presented before.

Aurora (above) is a stunning 39 inches long. She can be hung from a wire in her back and be quite a unique focal point of any room. Her torso is delicately wrapped with antique book illustrations, which tell their own story.

I have also made an anatomical doll with a fabric torso, and spinal column on her back, Frannie. Sitting and stitching and finding just the right wee bits and pieces for individual organs and just the right color thread was a really lovely way to spend the last few, very fraught weeks. I will be exploring textile Anatomica further, to be sure.

My final experiment in scale and material is wee and hand carved from wood. Klara, who rests inside a coffin, is 5.75 inches long. Her teeny tiny organs can be removed, revealing her spinal column and kidneys.

What’s next?

I’ll be taking a break from doing virtual shows for a while. I love doing these and meeting (virtually) new people, but I feel an internal pressure to create an abundance of work, which is great in a way, but I’d really like to let my creative process work a bit more naturally for a while.

I will have a small selection of dolls available later in November in time for Holiday shopping, things that I just really love making. And possibly some more Anatomica in December, if not then in January.

All the love.